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We offer to our members and traineeds

  1. Badminton standard court with customized lighting and flooring (3 double courts and 1 single court)

  2. Experienced and passionate badminton coaches

  3. Customized training programs for players of all ages and skill levels

  4. Specialized strength and conditioning training

  5. Regular local and national tournament participation opportunities

  6. Welcome to Play! REGISTER to book lessons or courts

  • Court Reservation

    Register to book court when it's available. $25 per hour per court. Maximum 6 players per court. Please wear proper indoor court shoes, no dark colored sole shoes allowed on courts.

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  • Practice Partners

    Practice single or double play with players with a high skill level in badminton. The focus of a badminton practice partner service is to engage in practice matches and rallies that aid in skill improvement. This practice partner is not a trainer and will not provide training instruction.

    1. Single game : $45/player/hour (court fee included)
    2. Double game: $65/pair/hour (court fee included)
  • Training

    2024 Training Programs

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