Training program

Introduction of the Twin Tigers Badminton Academy

  1. Established: May 2022
  2. Location: Houston, TX with various locations
  3. We have Beginning/Intermediate/Elite/Adult training programs
  4. Coaches: 3 full time coaches, 5 part-time coaches

The Twin Tigers Badminton Academy is established by a team of passionate and professional coaches in the greater Houston area. Our specific objectives is to providing safe, high-quality kids, youth, adult, and family badminton programs and training. Come join us today!

Training Program info:

1. Kids and Youth Group Lessons
2. Adult Group Training (Fundamental & Intermediate)
3. Private Lessons

Personalized training program designed for trainee after initial evaluation, coach and trainee will review progress and adjust program iteratively.

2024 Programs Brochure

2024 Summer Camp Program Information:

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2024 Training Program Packages:

2024 program schedule:


Are you or your kids looking for professional badminton training that can help you in improving your skills? Do you want to gain more runs while playing and have more tactical knowledge of the game?

We have a team of expert coaches in our club that will help you out in knowing all the weakness and strength you have by observing the way you play and will guide you to improve your weaknesses and enhance your strength even more.

By coaching badminton, we also focus on teaching our kids and youth the core value of sportsmanship, which we define as “Respect, Discipline and Perseverance”.

Our Training Philosophies

  1. Character Building: Twin Tigers Badminton emphasizes the importance of character development and instilling core values such as: discipline, sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance. We aim to develop well-rounded individuals who can excel both on and off the court. 

  2. Long-Term Development: Twin Tigers Badminton aims to nurture player from a young age, providing a structured pathway for players to build solid fundamental skills, and progress from grassroots levels to elite and even professional levels.

  3. Skill Development: Twin Tigers prioritizes the development technical skills such as footwork, racket techniques, shot accuracy, and tactical understanding of the game. We provide specialized and individualized coaching to enhance these skills and help players reach their full potential.

  4. Competitive Exposure: Twin Tigers Badminton provide opportunities for players to participate in local, national, and international competitions. This exposure allows players to gain valuable experience, test their skills against different opponents, and develop a competitive mindset.